Rahr and Sons Brewery


Rahr & Sons Brewery

Rahr & Sons Brewery

Less than 10 years old, the Rahr and Sons Brewery sits in the South-side neighborhood of Fort Worth, TX.  It’s an unassuming place most of the week. But for a few hours every Wednesday and Saturday it is a hot bed of activity.  That is when they host their “Brewery Tours”, although the tour is a small part of the event.

For a small fee (usual $10) you get the tour, a complimentary pint glass (sometimes a limited edition design) and everyone that is 21 and older gets 3 tickets to sample the brews available for tasting.  The Wednesday selection usually includes a non-production flavor, only available at the brewery.

Although the brewery doesn’t sell food, there is usually an area restaurant or food truck there to take care of your appetite.  Quite often there will even be local artists and/or musicians there to entertain the crowd.

So where is this tour thing?

Fritz Rahr explaining the brew process to the crowd

Fritz Rahr explaining the brew process to the crowd

There is a tour for those that are curious.  It is not long, primarily because it is not a massive operation.  Although, they do squeeze a lot into the building and seem to expand their operation every 2 or 3 years.

Once the tour ends, it’s back to the party.  Don’t be surprised to find a few hundred local beer enthusiasts there sampling their favorite brews or maybe trying the latest experimental flavor.

It’s usually a mixture of people from all ages, economic and social backgrounds.  But they all share a love of a great brew and are pretty loyal to the local brewery that could.

You can keep up with the latest happenings by following the brewery on their Facebook Page.

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