Europe 2009 – Heading Out


It was pretty much an uneventful day. My plane wasn’t leaving until 7:20pm so I had all day to finish getting ready. I had already done all my packing the night before, just in case there was anything that I needed to buy before I left for the airport.

I arrived about 2 hours early at the airport and the plane was already at the gate when I arrived. It is nice to know that they took their time prepping it before an international flight.

The best part was after I got on the plane. I was surprised to discover that I was the only person sitting in the center section of my row. That meant I had 3 seats to myself. So, after dinner, I was able to stretch out and try to get some sleep. It still wasn’t the most comfortable position, but better than trying to sleep sitting upright.

Author: Alan (Travelin' Al) Stiebing

Alan Stiebing has been traveling for over 20 years. He blogs and photographs his experiences and passions for and other digital and print outlets.

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